Meet 'Kristie' Marvin (a.k.a Marv)

Meet 'Kristie' Marvin (a.k.a Marv)
Name : Kristie Marvin a.k.a Marv


Why do I train?

To be honest as a teen and even into my early twenties I was never one for the gym. I played football but that was more for the social (🍺) than it was for exercise!

But over the past few years I’ve found CrossFit and it’s completely changed my life. I now love to train, and love the feeling of getting stronger and fitter. It has definitely become an addiction!

How do you find our leggings?

These leggings are the best fitting leggings I own. I’m short so struggle to find many that fit properly, but these are perfect. They’re high waisted and don’t roll down, plus they’re just super comfy!

Perfect for all of the burpees and skipping 👌🏼


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