Meet Laura Miller-Parker, the face behind With Attitude

Meet Laura Miller-Parker, the face behind With Attitude

Laura Miller-Parker is the founder of With Attitude Gym and Activewear.

Laura has always had a love for fashion and fitness. Hearing how unsatisfied most people are with the gym wear she decided to find a solution and began months of dedicated research. After being faced with a life-changing illness in 2016, she decided to take the leap of faith and combine her hobby, love for fashion and her marketing expertise, and launched her new business - taking her away from the stresses of a high-pressure role into something that felt like a passion. Inspiring people to live a healthier lifestyle and get more active.

During Laura's recovery time she joined the CrossFit Community and although she had never really been a gym lover before, she found the variety of exercise and the energy of the people there brought her a heap of motivation and supported both her physical and mental health. They were also key in pushing her to move forward and develop With Attitude. Something she is very grateful for.

Her goal was to create gym wear that fits a variety of ‘real people’, not matter what body type you are or what activity you do. Quality, Comfort, Practicality and Style are at the heart of the business whilst creating a shopping experience that people enjoy and can’t wait to open when it lands on their doorstep.

That meant, rigorous testing! The products have all gone through multiple checks to ensure every item is fit for purpose. We have tested them across multiple activities from CrossFit, HIIT, gym session, pilates/yoga, spinning, running and weight-lifting, to name but a few. They’ve been chalked up, sweated in, washed numerous times to make sure we are delivering the best possibly quality. Being so inspired by the people around her Laura decided to name each product after the first person to buy each item! You can check out the FACES BEHIND THE NAMES here. 

This collection is just the beginning for With Attitude. We are excited to bring the first full range and we hope you like it as much as we do. The plan is to have seasonal launches (the new range is currently in design) and of course Limited Edition ranges – so please watch out for them.

With Attitude is a brand that is made for YOU and inspired by YOU. It will always evolve around your needs. We hope that you can find the perfect fit-kit for your lifestyle and we are looking forward to hearing how much you love With Attitude Gym and Activewear.